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Bilal Iqbal Bradaran Limited is registered under the Afghanistan law with the number 13284 and locates at Kabul, Afghanistan. It is a leading company in producing premium quality Super Negin Saffron with a brand name Zartar Saffron since 2009. Zartar Saffron cultivates, harvest, processes and export saffron. Zartar Saffron provides the optimum and customised saffron made for your needs. Zartar Saffron provides the pure natural and normative saffron to national and international customers. Zartar Saffron is focusing exclusively on high quality and cost effective saffron to satisfy the consumers.   We are the only Exporter of Grade A quality saffron from Afghanistan. Each batch of Zartar Saffron is rigorously tested in certified laboratory for keeping the highest quality because that’s our benchmark. 

 Zartar Saffron is 100% pure saffron in finest condition that gives you organic taste, aroma and colour in the market.

A few things we’re great at

100% Pure & Natural

Taste, Smell & Colour

Beautiful Packaging

Worldwide Delivery


Our main objective is to satisfy the customers with promised quality saffron in order to build a long-term B2B relationship so that we can work together for the satisfaction of consumers hence  the latest process of testing quality in laboratory. We check saffron in our laboratory before selling it to customers in order to maintain the quality standards by knowing the levels of Moisture, Picrocrocin, Crocin, Safranal and etc.


To offer our clients the superior quality.

To offer our employees the quiet and pleasant environment.

To develop the company’s business along with the growth of society


To be identified globally the best company that give importance to the value, quality and service in order to please the stakeholders, employees and consumers.